October 10, 2012’s 1380 Broadcast


           The Green Card lottery will commence on October 3rd and will function until 10p.m. on November 2nd.  However, people who came from China cannot apply because there are too many Chinese immigrants in the U.S.  Those from HK, Macau, Taiwan and Europe may apply.  Individuals under 21 cannot petition for their parents.  To apply, one would need a high school Diploma or equivilant and have to had worked in the U.S. for 2 years.  Be aware, a lot of people will use this opportunity to cheat others of their money.  Those scammers would inform you that they can do this for you for a fee.  You should only apply online and not on paper.  You will not receive any notices in mail regarding being enrolled.  Rather, you have to check online for your status.  Email, phone calls, or letter telling you that your green card is granted is fraudulent.  Keep in mind that enrolling in the green card lottery is free.  The only fees you would have to pay is (1) the fee to the consulate if you are scheduled for an interview and (2) the application fee if you are an applicant for an I-485 or I-765.  The website for the Green Card lottery is:  www.dvlottery.state.gov.  Only approximately 50,000 people can obtain status from the lottery each year.




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